Sunday, May 2, 2010

There is Light!

The end of the tunnel is getting closer! We are now down to counting days instead of weeks! We will only have to be apart during the week for 6 more weeks! That's it! 6! I can do this!

My husband is amazing. He's been awesome this last week with his talking, encouragement, and just being there knowing how this situation sucks right now. God gave me a great man! Probably the best! (I'm a little biased though!)

The conversations these days have been very interesting. It really feels like he's a police officer. He knows how to handle different situations. He not only has facts, but he has practical knowledge. He does still point out little problems with people occasionally, but I can forgive that for now! He's awesome!

I may not have "signed up" up for this lifestyle (being a cop's wife) when we got married, but I am grateful that God has taken us through this. I truly think this is what CC was meant to be. I think he found his calling. And I'm proud to be a part of it. It's hard. Already. And I know it's going to get harder, especially when kids come into the picture, but it's so worth it.

PS: This weekend CC finally realized the shuffle driving was getting on my nerves, so he didn't do so much of it! It also helped that I didn't let him drive my new car because I didn't like how he was driving, so maybe he kind of realized that his "tactical" driving is a little obnoxious! :)

PSS: I have to make a correction about his "top driver" status: He qualified for top driver by 4 hundredths of a second, but in the final round actually won by over .5 a second!! Sorry babe!

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  1. Wow!!! You have taken me back a few years (almost 24 years) ago when Mr. Man became a officer. He is a christian man too. Just wanted you to know CC is our prayers. HE already has everything he needs to be the best ... Our Saviour. God bless you both. Want you to know that I am following your blog and praying for you both.
    Many blessings.