Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Honda Accord

CC had another court appearance a couple of weeks ago.  This was for a city traffic ticket for speeding (CC can either write campus citations or city citations.)

Here's the scenario:
12:50ish am - CC was sitting running stationary radar.  He gets a call over the radio from another officer that was just ahead of him that said he clocked the car coming in CC's direction at 31 mph (speed limit=20).  By the time the car gets to CC, he gets her going 35 mph.  So he pulls her over.  He gives her a ticket for speeding.

A few weeks later, he gets a subpoena for this ticket.  Luckily he wrote notes on the ticket of the actual events so he was able to recall exactly what had happened very easily.

He shows up to court.  The girl decides to represent herself (which was probably not the best idea.)  Turns out, she's fighting the ticket because she believes that since she drives a Honda Accord, which is the most common vehicle in the US, that CC got her confused with another vehicle.

Yes, at 12:50 in the morning, with all of the cars driving on campus, CC got her confused with another car.


Then she goes on to say that her car is not capable of getting up to 35 mph in the 600 ft. of road she was driving on.  And it was cold outside, so her car doesn't accelerate as fast in the cold.

Needless to say, she lost.  Nice try, young lady.

In the Past 2 Months...

Well, I've completely dropped the ball on this blog!

I had really hoped to be able to post more fun stories about CC's adventures in law enforcement, but unfortunately, that's not happening!

Just a little update: CC is still working the night shift, and enjoys being on this shift for the most parts (except Sundays when we go to church 2 hours after he gets off work and he has to stay up until 2pm usually and then is exhausted for his last work night of his week.) 

We have been going through a lot lately, personally, so his job doesn't seem like much of anything. 

Here are some things I predict for 2011:
  • CC will continue to wear his gross clothes way too long before he washes them
  • CC will apply to a municipal agency
  • CC will have to switch shifts
These aren't necessarily bad things, but just another thing that could change.

CC is still bored.  He has been getting into some little stuff here recently, but over the holidays, campus was pretty dead.  Not a lot going on in his neck of the woods. 

I thought it was interesting that the majority of his Christmas presents on his wish list were all police related.  It was almost like he went through the GT magazine and said, "Oh, that would be cool!"  But, he enjoys getting gadgets.  So, I don't know why I would think this is weird.

Other than that, hopefully our house will sell (putting it back on the market this month most likely) and we'll get pregnant.  Those seem to be our priorities and focus right now.

Saturday, November 20, 2010


CC and I have been in a debate about uniforms.  CC has 4 pairs of pants, 3 short sleeve shirts, and 2 long sleeved shirts.  He rotates each uniform daily so he doesn't wear the same one more than one day in a row.  Which makes complete sense.  But, the kicker is that he washes each uniform MAYBE once a month.  YUCK!  He patrols in these uniforms 8 hours at a time, and he doesn't wash it until it's had at least 32 hours or wearing time????  He says because he's not sweating, it's not a big deal, but I'm thinking of all the body oils that are seeping into the fabric.  Oh my gosh.  YUCK! YUCK! YUCK!

His response - this is just cops do it. 

Does anyone else see this pattern with their men????

Sunday, November 14, 2010


I just noticed that I haven't posted anything on here since September 18th!!  OH MY GOSH!  I am so sorry!  :)

Yes, we're still alive.  CC has been on his own now for nearly 2 months.  I think he's had his good days and bad days, but that's to be expected.

Here are some interested points that have happened in the last 2 months:

  • CC has been a little discouraged lately because his administration is slowly taking away the things that are most exciting at his department.  The most recent was that they can't confirm warrants from other agencies. (of course unless it's a felony!  This applies mainly to traffic warrants.)  This was the majority of their arrests on campus, and it was also a way of practicing their handcuffing skills and arrest techniques.  But, now they can't.  When CC was hired, a whole new administration was also hired.  When they arrived, they opened up a lot of the things that had been previously taken away, but now, once again, they are taking them away. 
  • CC also went to Bicycle School.  Yes, a whole week to learn to ride a bike!  So now, he's on campus, in the middle of the night, riding a bike.  Running traffic from his bike.  Sneaking up on suspicious situations on a bike.  It's kind of humorous to me!  When he told me he pulled over a car on his bike, I just laughed!  I would have a hard time being someone that would pull over if a cop was trying to pull me over on a bicycle with 2 little lights on it.  But, he says the campus knows the bike uniforms and knows they are legit.  Whatever!  Of course now, getting into the winter, it's a little too chili for CC to want to be on the bike.
  • CC also had his first court appearance.  He had a DWI during his FTO that he had to go to an ALR hearing for.  (If I understand this correctly, if you get a DWI, your license is suspended and taken.  Then, you have to go to an ALR hearing in order to see if you deserve to get it back or not.  Then, if you still plead not guilty, it will go on to trial.)  I guess this is just part of the job.  It seems to be something that happens pretty regularly.  I was really nervous for him, just because I remember when I had jury duty earlier this year for a felony murder case, and those lawyers were so hard on the police officers.  They tried to put words in their mouths, they tried to manipulate questions and answers, they questioned their authority and reasoning.  Granted, the trial I was involved in happened 2 years previous, so I can't imagine all the things that had happened since then and all they could rely on was their notes.  Which CC realized that he needed to take better notes!  When he looked back on his report before the hearing, he realized that he wished he had been more detail oriented in his notes, not just checking boxes.  At least he figured that out now for future occurrences. 
  • CC seems to think that more crazy people need to move on to his campus. I'm not sure I agree, except for the fact that I don't want him to be bored.
  • CC has bought more equipment and gadgets.  Now that he has his bicycle belt, he has to have different holders or something.  So, as I'm checking through the bank account, I have noticed several charges to different places.  It makes me laugh, but I know it's part of the job.  I know when I started teaching I constantly went to the teacher store.  That has since warn off, but I'm not sure CC's newness will.  I think it's just part of being in a job with mostly men who like gadgets and always have something new to buy!
  • Turns out, one of the kids I teach, her mom is the night dispatcher for CC!  A little ironic, but kind of cool.  She found me at school one day and just had wonderful things to say about CC.  She said he's the newest, but already one of the best.  It made me feel proud!  Then, it was a little weird that the kid came back later on to say she'd met my husband at an event on campus!  Oh well! 

That's about it!  I'm still keeping up reading most of my cop wife blogs, so keep them coming!  I'll try to do better and try not to make it 2 months before I post again!  (but, I do have to say that a lot of things have been going on in our personal lives, so I'm not surprised this blog has been on the backburner - but I know, it's no excuse!)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Oh his own

He's DONE!  FTO is over!  Starting Tuesday night, CC will be on his own, doing his own thing!  I know he's so excited!  And I'm so proud of him!

I'm just curious if he'll get bored.  He's had someone to talk to every night from the beginning, now he'll be all by himself!  I'm sure he'll figure out how to cope.  He's got a good group of officers to work with on the night shift, so he'll figure something out!

The best part about this, CC can now take vacation days!   So, that means HAWAII!!  We're going on a fantastic trip for 7 fabulous days to Hawaii in less than a month - so excited!  This will also be our first big vacation since we've been married, which has almost been 4 years.  We'll be with family, but we'll also get to do our own thing, so it will definitely be worth it.  I even get to take off a whole week of school!  I think this is the best way to do this!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Ghost Phase

I just realized that it has been several weeks since I updated you guys!

My last post was Aug 22, which was the day before I went back to work, so I guess that makes a good reason as to why I haven't posted lately!  Plus, I started my blog design business over the summer, and it has
kept me very busy on my off time.  I love getting to do it, but it definitely takes time!

CC is one week away from being on his own!!  Holy cow!  I just can't even believe it!  He's back on deep nights, and has already had a good time, and his training officer (who he had for phase 2) is still impressed by his skills.  His phase 3 training officer told him not to be surprised because he has been known to be a hard grader, and he might not get as good of scores as he had with the other 2 officers.  Well, he was wrong!  CC definitely surpassed his expectations and left phase 3 passing with flying colors! 

We made it through the awful shift we have been dreading (2 pm - 10 pm), and it looks like he won't be on that shift for quite some time.  I like to see my hubby!  He's now on deep nights and will stay there indefinitely.  His department tends to change schedules up pretty regularly, but they will probably stick with this until the new rookies get back from Academy and out of FTO, which isn't until probably March.  But I'm okay with this.  I'm just ready for a regular schedule!  Something I can get used to. 

Another perk, he'll be able to use sick days and vacation days!  So, even if he is scheduled to work and we have something going on, he can easily use up his vacation/holidays that he's accrued over the last year. 

CC's FTO commented to him last night telling him that he was very impressed with how he talked to people.  He's very calm, and respectful, but gets fierce if he needs to!  That's always something I've thought about CC.  He's a very even-tempered man.  He rarely gets up in arms about things and can handle stressful situations like a champ and doesn't let his emotions take over.  I feel confident that this will make him an excellent cop. 

Poor guy got home late this morning, then got a phone call that we were going to have a house showing (our house is on the market!) at 11:00, and we had to clean and be out with the dogs.  Poor CC is now somehow trying to sleep on the couch to try to be a normal person for a dinner party with friends.  The life of a night police officer!  (at least he's off tonight!)

Sunday, August 22, 2010


I have just been wondering a little about how many women actually carry their own gun.  Maybe not carry it, but have a gun specific to you that you would use in case of emergency. 

CC has been taking both of his guns to work with him (he can't carry a back up weapon at his department) and I've been a little irked by that because I'm here by myself a lot and I wouldn't have anything to defend myself with if I had to!  I thought that's what all this gun shooting stuff was about!