Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Que Pasa?

CC has 2 1/2 weeks left!! YIPPEE! The days are going by! If you had asked me about 2 months ago if this thing ever seemed like it would end, I would've given all kinds of sarcastic answers and you would have been overwhelmed by my fake enthusiasm. But now, 16 days away from the time that the love of my life graduates from Police Academy, the thoughts are completely different. Don't get me wrong, I've always been proud of him, but it seemed like such a hassle that we had to be apart for so long and just all of the added stress to our relationship because of this. We knew we'd make it through it. We knew it would go by quickly. What we didn't know were the types of arguments that would occur. We didn't know the type of struggles we would face that we don't normally face when he's around. What we didn't know was that we could be brought closer together because of all of this.

I have a new-found respect for my husband. I can see how hard-working he is. I also have seen him strive to be the very best. I can see him being successful and fulfilled, and that is enough for me. It is one thing to have a husband that has a job, but it's another to have a husband that loves his job.

Enough about that -

CC started Spanish this week! It's been pretty hilarious. What gets me even more is that they started teaching words and phrases on Monday of this week, and he already had a test and practical on it!! After a day and a half! What can you really learn in that short amount of time? It's very interesting to me.

We live in TX, where of course we're getting a large influx of Spanish speakers. CC said that his instructors said that most people who speak Spanish will listen to you and cooperate with you even if you don't get the conjugation. Or if you just use a simple word instead of constructing a whole sentence. This doesn't seem like it would be the case to me, but I guess it is. I teach in a bilingual school, and so I encounter somewhat uncooperative Spanish speakers pretty regularly, and one word sentences don't work for me very well. But, then again, they are children. I don't know. I think all of this just makes me hope that this will get CC on a nice little train to get his Spanish up to par so he can communicate appropriately with Spanish speakers.

My excuse is that the school wants them to be forced to learn English, and what better way than to refuse to speak Spanish! :)

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  1. I encounter uncooperative ENGLISH speakers all the time. I think that's the nature of childhood.