Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Lot going on

Once again, I've gone about a month without any updates! I'm telling you, I think I'm just a once a month blogger!!

But I do have somewhat of an excuse these days.

February has been a very busy month at our house. CC is still away during the week, so it's up to me to take care of everything at the house. He's doing really well still and seems to be learning a lot. He is continuing to practice his new knowledge when he comes home. Last week, he came home wanting to show me how to get out a choke from behind. Little did I know, that being gentle meant that I was going to be thrown over his shoulder onto the floor. Boy that was a mistake....but I've learned my lesson and now I will not be the volunteer for his practice techniques. He's in the middle of traffic law right now so he's talking a lot about how people are driving, and now using the minimum requirement while driving (like using the blinker only once to change lanes, turning into whatever lane he wants, being the first in the intersection, etc.) I have a future blog coming soon about all of the laws I find weird or interesting to know. I'm not quite ready for it yet, but it will be coming soon!

On top of just the separation of us, I was recently diagnosed with PCOS, which isn't a life threatening thing, just messing with my hormones. This could make our ideas of having a family soon a little bit harder, but I'm staying positive and hoping that God and my treatment plan will relieve some of the stress this diagnosis comes with.

And just last week, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. My parents live about 5 hours away, so I don't get to see them as much as I'd like sometime, so weve been on the phone quite a bit just trying to catch up on the most recent doctor visit and what happens next. We are in prayer for her. This is her second round with cancer. She fought it like a champ 18 years ago, so I know she can get through this. God is in control. My dad is a trooper too. He lost his sister a few years back to cancer, so this has been hard on him, not to mention his second round to go through with my mom.

I'm having Spring Break soon (since I'm a teacher and is one of the best things about my job!) I was planning on going and spending some days with CC down at Academy instead of him coming home for the weekend, but that has now passed and it looks like I'm going to spend that time with my mom. We're not sure how she'll be feeling, but it will be fun for me to visit and be as much of a support as I can.

I, personally, have had a very stressful month so all of this just kind of piled on us at once. I'm getting through it thanks to my friends and family. And I am continuing to remind myself that God is in control!

I'll keep you updated. :)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


After 3 full weeks of Academy, CC has been ranked #1!!!!! I'm so proud of him!

On a sadder note, his partner from the same agency did not pass his exams, so they sent him home. Luckily, CC gets his own room now and doesn't have to listen to him snore anymore! I know CC was really routing for his pal. I also think that CC was a good witness with his spiritual life. It's sad that the relationship has been shortened and the opportunities have been shortened, but I hope what little time they had together CC was somewhat of an influence on him. Their agency has offered him a "guard" job, so at least he'll have a job, just a pay cut. (And not quite as exciting!)

I married a special man. This type of stuff makes this whole separation worth it! I love him! :)