Sunday, August 22, 2010


I have just been wondering a little about how many women actually carry their own gun.  Maybe not carry it, but have a gun specific to you that you would use in case of emergency. 

CC has been taking both of his guns to work with him (he can't carry a back up weapon at his department) and I've been a little irked by that because I'm here by myself a lot and I wouldn't have anything to defend myself with if I had to!  I thought that's what all this gun shooting stuff was about!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Captain America

We all have interesting co-workers.  But for some reason, it seems like CC's are a little out of the ordinary.  One of the newer officers, we'll call him Captain America, has definitely fit this profile. 

CC was hired on and had to wait for Academy for 6 months while 4 officers went ahead of him.  Captain America was one of these.  Somehow, during the hiring process, the uppers at the time thought that he was a better specimen than CC.  Now, other officers ask CC why he didn't get to go with them, or ahead of them. 

Here's a good case why they ask these things.  I think Captain America is set out to not only pull people over for the most obscure reason, but to cite these people for these reasons.

Citation #1 - Littering (throwing gum out the window - i don't have a problem with stopping her for this, maybe, but writing a citation for it?)
Citation #2 - Not displaying proper plates (the lady had them with her, just hadn't put them on, and he gave her a ticket for this)
Citation #3 - Unauthorized use of horn (seriously?)
Citation #4 - Not signaling 100 ft in front of turn (once again, I don't mind stopping for this, but actually giving a citation?)
Citation #5 - Not really a citation, but he knew a guy that was on campus playing soccer had warrants out for his arrest (for Class C Misdemeanors) so he waited in the parking lot for 3 hours until the guy got in his car to leave and pulled him over and arrested him.  (Seriously, just sat there waiting.)

It seems like a little discretion needs to be taught to this guy.

Monday, August 16, 2010


CC had off today while I went back to school.  I left him a list of things to do, which he got done, but I guess it wasn't enough!

CC informed me at dinner that he practiced clearing the house this morning.  In his underpants. 

Apparently, we have some pretty tricky areas in our house.  But, after carefully checking, there was no one hiding.  :)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

It's Official

I have been informed, that as of September, I will be a night cop's wife.  Agh!

Of the 3 shifts CC's department has, this is my 2nd choice, and obviously a lot better than the current 2nd shift that would mean we would never see each other.  At CC's department, there are quite a few bachelors that enjoy 2nd shift, so they never want to get off of it!  Which is fabulous for me! 

Here are my pros for night shift (because hey, I've got to be positive about life, right?!)
  • I get to sleep better with the bed all to myself and my dog
  • We still get to eat dinner together (which has always been a priority to me)
  • Most everyday functions aren't effected
  • He will be home to get the dogs if we have a house showing (our house is on the market)
And of course my cons:
  • He complains about being tired more often (which I can't even go there)
  • He's not as productive since he doesn't have a reason to get out of bed usually
  • I have to sleep alone
  • Makes trying to get pregnant much more difficult and out of the ordinary :)
  • I have to make sure I'm quiet while he sleeps
  • We will have to take 2 cars almost everywhere at night
So none of this is really bad, it's just not normal.  Any tips on how to make it normal??  I know you guys have something for me!  :)

Friday, August 6, 2010

A Little Explanation

For some reason, I feel the need to explain CC's job a little more. 

He's not a city cop.  He's not a sheriff's deputy.  He's a campus cop. 

It seems that around here, many people don't quite understand what he does, or if he's a "real" cop.  For me, being a campus cop is a great thing!  There are less scary things going on at the campus.  He is far less likely to get in a shoot out or deal with really ugly homicides.  He's much "safer" there. 

But that also means there is less action.  I think this is the downfall for CC.  He applied for so many city jobs before he got hired.  And with the job market where it was last year, he had a lot of competition.  So, to get a job, regardless where it was, was an awesome thing!  But I know he can get a little bit bored.

Now, when you imagine a college campus, you might not think there's a whole lot going on for a cop.  Maybe they just walk around the buildings and eat donuts.  Not quite. CC's campus has Guards for that (which is what he was for 6 months before he went to academy).  He gets to patrol in a real police car, and does all the same things a city police gets to do, just in a mile and a half radius!

Some people also think that a campus cop can't pull them over.  This is not true.  CC gets to write city tickets just like the city cops!  So, don't be fooled!

I got asked this evening about what CC actually does at night on campus since there aren't any students.  At CC's campus, there are hundreds of apartments that the students live in.  This is the most heavily patrolled area.  They get calls for weird sounds, not knowing if their roommate was okay, etc.  They have burglaries and thefts just like any other apartment complex.  These complexes keep them very busy.  But, one of the reasons they pull most everyone over at night is because no one really has any business driving around a campus in the middle of the night.  So they must be up to something, right?  (unless you're a newspaper deliverer)  They also get to patrol the streets surrounding campus.  The city cops don't usually go by campus because it's already being patrolled, so CC's guys try to take care of the neighborhoods around them so they can be just as safe.

I do have to say, being a campus cop in the summer has to suck.  There just isn't much going on.  There are people, and summer classes, but it's just not the same.  So, here's to hoping for a much more eventful school year for CC!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Phase 2 almost done

CC is 3 nights away from being done with Phase 2 of FTO!  YEAH!  He has really enjoyed the night shift and has met some interesting people in the wee hours of the night!  He also finally got his first DWI arrest last night, and he was pretty excited.  But I also think this will bring on his first court appearance. (he felt that the guy would try to fight it)

I have come to understand nights a little more, and have changed my feelings a little bit from before.  I have a better understanding of their purpose and how they plan to keep people safe.  I may be a little inconvenienced (if I were to ever be stopped) but it's one of the ways they are getting the bad people off the streets!  So, I'm a little better with it.

Other news, CC officially has an off-duty weapon!  He has his duty weapon, but you see, CC is a skinny man!  He was having a hard time concealing it comfortably, so he's been on the lookout for a new gun.  I think he likes what he ended up with.  And he's already bought a new holster and more ammo for this gun (since it's a 9MM and his duty weapon is a .40 caliber)  My dad was generous enough to trade in an old antique gun and buy CC a new gun.  I think he's excited about it!  I'm sure we'll be going back to the range soon so he can get used to it more! 

Speaking of the range, I think you guys would be so proud!  If you remember, I've had issues with guns.  I don't like them, I never have, you know.  I went to the range about a month ago to learn how to use these things since we would have them in the house.  It wasn't as bad as I thought, but I didn't love it!  This past weekend I had an opportunity to go to the range with my dad's friend up in Arkansas who collects guns.  He was going to bring a lot of guns to show CC and to test them out.  I figured I would go since CC didn't know this guy very well, and it might be interesting (fun)!  Turns out, my dad's friend had lots of smaller guns (.380 and 9MM) which were much easier to shoot than CC's Glock!  I think I tried out 5 different guns!  I even got to the point where I shot one more than once because I liked it the best!  Now, don't get me wrong, I don't think I'll be buying myself a gun anytime soon!  But I do have to say that I am definitely more comfortable with them, and now I need to work on my shot! (Aren't you proud?!)

CC goes on 2nd shift next week.  Which is our dreaded shift during the school year.  (2 pm-10 pm)  We had really hoped that we would get this shift out of the way during the summer, which would have been nice.  But, once I get back to school (in a week and a half...) we will only get to see each other in bed.  Luckily his days off are during the week so we'll get to see each other then, but it's just not the ideal shift for us.  I'll do my best to adjust!  It's only going to be 4 weeks!  (Hopefully!)