Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mean Guy?

CC is working on DWIs this week and learning how to deal with them. I find it very interesting the steps to take during these situations. However, what is more interesting is the type of approach CC has been taking on his stance of arresting.

Now, believe me, I think rules should be followed and enforced. But, isn't there a time for a little leniency?? I'm beginning to think that CC may be a mean cop, even though I know he's a nice guy. He was the only one, out of the 9 in his class, that thought all 5 of their "testers" should be arrested, even though not all of them were over the legal limit. He is very much by the book, as am I most of the time, but as a teacher, I also know that there are cases that sometimes change the book occasionally. When CC would bring up different situations they were discussing, he would normally come out more on the harsh end of a charge as opposed to a lower charge. But now, I think I'm noticing it more just because it's become a recurring situation.

Did anyone else have this happen to their cop during Academy? Does it stay this way?

I know CC is a nice guy, in fact his mom has always said he's the nicest guy she knows. I just hope that he finds a happy medium when it comes to being a cop in the real world!


  1. I think it actually gets worse! But not in a bad way... it's ok to be different as a cop then you are as a citizen, you have to be. It's a whole different role and level of authority and responsibility. You have to seperate your role as cop because it is a whole different world. It's hard not to become jaded, or in some sense you "need" to become somewhat jaded in order to survive. It is very interesting. My husband did not become a cop until 5 years after we were married, now he's been a cop for 5 years. It is so interesting to see how he's changed and how God is using him and the gifts he has. This is the perfect fit for him I can't imagine him doing anything but this! Granted he is a whole different person at work then he is at home! But I've done ride-a-longs with him and I understand that difference and the necessity of it.

    And it is interesting who they pick to arrest and who to let go! Some of that changes as they realize what holds up in court...

  2. I had a similar experience with 5oh, but it was actually me who had the change of heart. I sat back and realized that HE was the one with the training, HE was the one who needed to use his instincts, HE was the one risking his life and safety out there and HE was good (really good) at his job. Those realizations havcom ecause I trust and have faith in 5ohs abilities as an officer. 5oh is the most compassionate man i have ever met and is a harsh officer. And he comes home safe every night because of it.

    I have not, but am super interested in doing a ride-along with him. He will be off his year and a half probationary period in June and hopefully i will get to do it then! Hope this helps!