Saturday, September 18, 2010

Oh his own

He's DONE!  FTO is over!  Starting Tuesday night, CC will be on his own, doing his own thing!  I know he's so excited!  And I'm so proud of him!

I'm just curious if he'll get bored.  He's had someone to talk to every night from the beginning, now he'll be all by himself!  I'm sure he'll figure out how to cope.  He's got a good group of officers to work with on the night shift, so he'll figure something out!

The best part about this, CC can now take vacation days!   So, that means HAWAII!!  We're going on a fantastic trip for 7 fabulous days to Hawaii in less than a month - so excited!  This will also be our first big vacation since we've been married, which has almost been 4 years.  We'll be with family, but we'll also get to do our own thing, so it will definitely be worth it.  I even get to take off a whole week of school!  I think this is the best way to do this!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Ghost Phase

I just realized that it has been several weeks since I updated you guys!

My last post was Aug 22, which was the day before I went back to work, so I guess that makes a good reason as to why I haven't posted lately!  Plus, I started my blog design business over the summer, and it has
kept me very busy on my off time.  I love getting to do it, but it definitely takes time!

CC is one week away from being on his own!!  Holy cow!  I just can't even believe it!  He's back on deep nights, and has already had a good time, and his training officer (who he had for phase 2) is still impressed by his skills.  His phase 3 training officer told him not to be surprised because he has been known to be a hard grader, and he might not get as good of scores as he had with the other 2 officers.  Well, he was wrong!  CC definitely surpassed his expectations and left phase 3 passing with flying colors! 

We made it through the awful shift we have been dreading (2 pm - 10 pm), and it looks like he won't be on that shift for quite some time.  I like to see my hubby!  He's now on deep nights and will stay there indefinitely.  His department tends to change schedules up pretty regularly, but they will probably stick with this until the new rookies get back from Academy and out of FTO, which isn't until probably March.  But I'm okay with this.  I'm just ready for a regular schedule!  Something I can get used to. 

Another perk, he'll be able to use sick days and vacation days!  So, even if he is scheduled to work and we have something going on, he can easily use up his vacation/holidays that he's accrued over the last year. 

CC's FTO commented to him last night telling him that he was very impressed with how he talked to people.  He's very calm, and respectful, but gets fierce if he needs to!  That's always something I've thought about CC.  He's a very even-tempered man.  He rarely gets up in arms about things and can handle stressful situations like a champ and doesn't let his emotions take over.  I feel confident that this will make him an excellent cop. 

Poor guy got home late this morning, then got a phone call that we were going to have a house showing (our house is on the market!) at 11:00, and we had to clean and be out with the dogs.  Poor CC is now somehow trying to sleep on the couch to try to be a normal person for a dinner party with friends.  The life of a night police officer!  (at least he's off tonight!)