Saturday, September 12, 2009

Nothing much

I know I haven't really blogged this week. My apologies!

CC has actually been on the exact same schedule as I am (7:30am - 3:30 pm) so we have been enjoying our time together. This week and next, he has been going through Guard training so he can do more than walk through one single building for 8 hours a day. He has been very excited through all of this. He even told me last night that his days have been flying past him! That's good news. After I visited him at his building last week, I began to feel sorry for him, because it was just boring. I was only there for 20 minutes or so and was already bored and tired of being on my feet. Plus, there were some very interesting people there. No wonder they need constant supervision in that building!!! Needless to say, we have been enjoying our time together after work. We have one more week of this, and then I'm sure it will be back to opposite shifts again!

We also began a new workout, P90X. I believe copswife started this a while back, but we are on day 6 today. I'm doing okay with it. I'm a small, weak woman, so I'm hoping this will help get some strength, and make me feel better about myself! The hardest part actually has been the diet. I'm going to do some rearranging today and see if we can come up with some better food options for this coming week!

That's all. :)