Tuesday, April 27, 2010


2 weeks ago CC went through his week of tactical driving. He did well. He earned top driver by 4 hundredths of a second!! I'm glad to know I have a great driver out there, and I know I will hear this over and over again for years, seeing as I'm probably the world's worst backseat driver.

The downfall of this driving course? Shuffle steering....it's driving me crazy. Why can't he just continue to drive the way he learned for over 11 years when he's in a normal (I say civilian) car? This shuffling, sliding around the steering wheel, is getting really annoying. I'm hoping it wears off soon! :)

Anyone understand what I'm going through?!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

9 weeks left..

It is official - time is going slower and slower.

CC has 9 weeks left. The first 10 or so weeks went by really quickly. It was almost as if Sunday evening went and Friday afternoon came all within the same day! Now, the days are going by much slower. This whole life of being apart is going day by day, instead of days at a time. It seems that most days we talk for about 10 minutes and we're done. Things aren't as exciting. Things are getting old. I figured this would happen in April. :(

It also seems like he's a real cop now too. He's starts tactical driving this week, and he's super excited.

Last weekend, he got fitted for his body armor. I went with him to the Law Enforcement Supply store, and it was all too real. Lots of gadgets. I know realize that we are going to spend lots of money on gadgets (see this post)! They asked him if he wanted a soft plate or a hard plate, and of course I jumped at the answer, "HARD!" Then they asked if he wanted some extra material around the side so that there wasn't a gap that a bullet to go through, and "OF COURSE!".

We watch lots of Police shows these days. I'm actually starting to enjoy them. CC is really into Southland, but I am having a hard time jumping into it in the middle/end of the season. Maybe next season. I do enjoy Police Women on TLC though and the SWAT show on the Crime Investigation Channel.

I really think this is sinking in. He's 9 weeks away from being a police officer. (besides his field training) Tests are getting a little harder. Instructors are getting harder. Workouts are getting more intense.

I think he's going to be great! He even got an email this week from one of the new lieutenants in his department that told him he was doing great and representing them well. That kind of makes him (and me) feel really good about this life change!

62 days til graduation....(and back to a somewhat more normal life!)