Friday, July 24, 2009

It's all relative!

First of all, I love this post from Natalie at Walking a Thin Blue Line. CC has had many conversations with experienced officers about carrying a gun off duty, and it's very interesting to hear what others have had to say on it. I have a little while before I will have to adjust, but it has definitely been a topic of disucssion between us.

CC has been scheduled for 40 hour weeks, however, due to a small force and lack of personnel, he has been given many opportunities to work over time. In one week, he has already put in 20 extra hours! And it will be no different next week! :) I'm just glad this is still all very new and exciting to him, so he doesn't get burnt out quickly!

So CC started a few weeks back, and since he started at the new department, he has had many changes in his job "description." Since he won't be attending Academy until January, he has been put on guard duty. There was an attempted sexual assault where he works, so he had to jump start his move into this guard duty spot. Basically, he's patrolling one 4 story building for 8-16 hours at a time! I'm not sure how exciting that would be to me, but CC always comes home with a new story for the day!

Since the attempted assault, CC and his partner have been trying to investigate (on their own, mind you) to try to figure out what happened and who it could have been (the "groper" as we like to refer to him has not been caught). So, basically, any time there is a lead or development in the case, he comes home with a new story! I have especially enjoyed learning procedures of traffic stops, and knowing what actually happens behind the scenes (with dispatch and reasons for different actions). CC is learning a lot about how the radio is run and how different procedures are completed.

Usually at some point during his shift, I will text him to see how things are going. Sometimes his response is very bland, and others it is "there's been some excitement today!" (or something along those lines). I am of course thinking they've solved a case, there was some criminal activity, or something big. So, when he gets home, I'm waiting to see what this "excitement" is, and of course it's the first thing I ask him about. However....I have quickly learned that this "excitement" is all relative!

The first case of this: "There were some kids that were practicing break dancing moves on the bridge with their music. I had to go tell them to find a new place."

That's it.

All 8 hours.

Excitement, huh?!

I'm learning! :)

(PS: I'm thinking that I probably need to enjoy this type of "excitement" while it lasts before he becomes a patrolling officer and is faced with much harsher situations.)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Cop's Wife - My Viewpoint on the whole Thing

(I have taken this post from my personal blog and amended it for this site!)

So, the day has come! CC (Christian Cop) accepted a job as a Police Cadet. We are unsure what the first 6 months hold, just because not a lot of details have been given. The size of the force is very small (about 15 officers) and they are looking to make the force much bigger (which is why they hired CC) but they don't have the manpower to do it all at once. So, they are sending a group (4 people) to Academy in July, and then the next group will go in January. CC will be a part of this group in January. So from now until January, he'll be doing who knows what. We are both so excited for this door to open and get started in a new career stage! CC seems truly passionate about this type of work, so I think he will thrive.

But that brings me to the reason for my post. Almost everyone that I have talked to about CC being a police officer, they ask me how I feel about that. First of all, yes, I was terrified and couldn't imagine him to be a cop and how scary that might be, but I'm over that. I said a little prayer to that wonderful Man upstairs and He definitely put my anxieties to the side so that CC could pursue what he truly felt was his calling. I am to help him, not hinder. So for me to be a little scared and a little anxious about it all isn't helping my husband's new career. It could possibly get in the way. So, I feel that I have put on a very strong support for him and am so excited about what he is about to do. I know God has a plan. If this is God's plan, then I will be okay. I will be calm, I will be supportive, and I will not be the reason why my husband is not successful. CC will be successful, and our marriage will be successful because we have God in the center of our lives. I believe that this job will increase my prayer life and my quiet time because I will need the assurance from God's word that everything will be okay! God has a plan. Period.