Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Holster #1

In 10 days, CC will officially be a licensed police officer in the state of Texas.

For real?!

CC and I were remembering the whirlwind of our lives this time last year. It was was this time last year that CC was finally hired with intentions of going to Academy in January. He started his new career in law enforcement. It was about this time he was going through Oral Boards and turning in appropriate documentation. It's hard to imagine how crazy life was then. And now, it's all coming true. It's all coming together. He will be official.

And now that brings us to the point where my man will have a gun on his hip regularly. So what does that mean? We have to go buy a holster!

Even though he can't carry his weapon off-duty until next weekend, he wanted to buy his off-duty holster so he could carry his "fake" weapon this week to get used to it. (My hubby is so cute!) He already had looked into what kind of holster he wanted to try. He decided to go with the inside the pant holster since he rarely wears shirts long enough to cover a weapon outside of his pants. I'm sure the next holster will definitely be a back holster, but we'll see.

I think I'm going to just keep a track going of holsters and how many we'll actually go through before he decides what he likes best. So, Uncle Mike's inside the pant holster gets the big #1. After the handcuff issue (which by the way, he's already gotten handcuff set #2 and he's not even started for real yet!) I have realized that it might not make sense to me, it's just a guy/cop thing. He's going to buy gadgets. He's going to find the newest and best new thing to buy. And I have to remind myself that when I began teaching, I was at the teaching store constantly buying all the new bulletin board sets and manipulatives. Now, I tend to make everything myself, but it took me a little while to get out of the store. So, he was patient with me during those years, now I will be patient and let him "play" with his new gadgets. (His are just a tad more expensive than mine ever were!)

I was also sitting next to him in church on Sunday and just realized that I like to sit on his right side (I don't know, doesn't everyone have a favorite side to sit on?) which will be his gun side, and I'm not too sure I'm going to enjoy that. I'm debating on whether or not I'm going to change my favorite side. CC has said he wants me on his right side for gun safety. But, my friends, I don't like guns. I am somehow going to have to get over this.

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  1. lol, and for the exact same reason ("gun safety") I'm not allowed to sit on the gun side, so that if he has to draw it I'm not in the way!