Tuesday, June 8, 2010

He's Rubbing Off

4 more days! That's it! I can't wait! I still haven't seen CC in his uniform yet, but I know he is going to be a stud! I'm excited! He just took his final today. He'll have some NCIC/TCIC (criminal database stuff I think) talk for the next couple of days, then his licensing exam, then graduation! He keeps telling me graduation isn't going to be a big deal, but I think it is! :)

Anyway, I as driving home this weekend from visiting my parents and realized that CC is rubbing off on me! I began to question different situations to see what an officer would do if they pulled over this vehicle. Or, I tried to figure out what violations different vehicles had. Seriously?! I get on to CC so much for doing that while we're driving, now I'm doing it?! Come on!

For example, there was a truck with a camper on the back end. As I drove up closer to it, I realized there is a human being in the back end smushed up to the window! I wondered for a while if he was real, but then he finally moved his head to look at me, so he was alive! After thinking about it, I called CC to see what he would do if he pulled over the vehicle for some reason (there were several violations on the vehicle, so it was possible). I wanted to know the officer safety procedures, could a person be in the back end of the truck, etc. I'm glad to know, though, that if CC does pull over a vehicle in this situation, I feel that he would be safe! I guess he has learned a little in this Academy! :)

Good times!

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