Monday, June 28, 2010

How Our Lives Have far

CC just started week 3 of FTO. He's loving his FTO, and we are enjoying our days together. There really hasn't been much going on that's very different. CC is doing very well. They are already grading him at an average police level. (Yay for him!) So, just a few things that I've noticed:

  • We watch a lot of cop shows (COPS, The First 48, Police Women of _____, Rookie Blue, etc) and CC seems to pick them apart on how either the case will get thrown out or that wasn't proper procedure.
  • I'm still going to church alone, and everyone asks me where my husband is.
  • I realize after hearing stories from CC's day that there seem to be a lot of really stupid people out there.
  • It's hard to plan anything with CC - and even if we do plan something, whatever day it is, CC will have to stay late that day, and only that day.
  • I no longer plan things with CC
  • Even though he's on day shift, our sleeping schedules are still so different with me being on summer break and staying up late. (And this effects other areas in our lives, as you can imagine)
  • Guns aren't so bad. :)
  • I really don't enjoy cooking.

I believe we have this week and next with the day shift. We're still not sure what is next schedule will be, but I'm just trying to be flexible! Overall, there are lots of great things going on these days! Many learning experiences! I just know that this is another way that God is trying to teach me that I can't let my Type A personality run and plan my life! :)

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