Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Police Gear

CC is very lucky at his agency because he has almost everything he will need provided to him. Since we live in a big area, this is one of the perks for this particular agency. He is provided his gun (I believe a Glock 22), his hand cuffs, his OC spray, his flash light, his uniform, and all of the necessary duty belt items. When we began looking into this profession, there were several places that he wanted to work that looked like it might cost a great deal of money to get into because of all of the equipment he would have to supply himself. But, after he got hired on in his current agency, I was relieved. Since we are young, we don't necessarily always have a lot of extra money just laying around to fund a new career choice! So this was a blessing to us financially and a weight lifted off of my shoulders. CC was also excited about this as well.

Until Academy.

First came the flashlight. He didn't like something about the one they provided, so he started researching new ones. He got one for Christmas, but it wasn't something that he thought it was, so he sent it back and figured he'd wait to get a different one when he'd seen more. (And I loved the post by HF on A Police Wife, so I will definitely share this review with him and maybe we can save a little bit of money!)

Then came the hand cuffs. His agency provides one set, but it's "crucial" that you always have 2 pairs on you. So, he "needed" to go to the Law enforcement supply store to get another pair that also weren't as stiff.

Now it's the gun. CC is a skinny guy. And here in TX you must conceal your gun off duty. So, the Glock 22 is just too wide to conceal easily without have a huge, awkward bulge on his side. So now we're looking into purchasing an off-duty gun.

I am not a gun person. I've never been around guns, I've never liked guns, I don't ever intend to have to use a gun. This whole career change, of course, is going to bring me around guns much more frequently (as CC will probably be carrying his gun at all times, now which one is still the question). So, the thought of one gun was hard to imagine. Now, knowing we will probably have 2 guns in the house while he's home is even harder to imagine. I know I'll come around. And after my incident after serving on a murder trial jury (the jury was threatened by the defendant's friend) I have agreed that I will at least learn how to use the gun for safety. But still, that doesn't mean I'm going to go buy one on my own! I know time will help me get used to them, but I just don't like them.

We went from not having to buy anything except boots to practically buying a new duty belt! (I know, that's an exaggeration!) I'm hoping that this is not a habit that will continue, but I'm sure it only gets worse as he is introduced to more and more products out there that are the new "cool" thing to have!

Do you have husbands like mine?! Should I go ahead and prepare myself for buying new gadgets regularly?


  1. Sorry to break it to you but the fun has just started. Lol! We've bought several new flashlights, countless new boots, a knife, an off duty gun, along with off duty holster (to conceal the weapon) and hundreds of dollars worth of Under Armor gear to keep him warm in the NY winters. Don't worry though... His work provides all of his uniform needs. HAHA

    By the way, your blog looks great. I totally need to update mine and SOON!

  2. yep, there is always something new and improved. Shop around, sometimes you can get a good deal if you don't impulse shop.

  3. lucky for us the boots are provided to, and socks... not so luck...D is a gadget man... so in 3 months of service he has already 'needed' a better light, a headset(over shoulder radio is standard but apparently 'everyone' buys themself a headset coz its cheaper), leatherman multitool was an absolute necessity, gear bag, thank goodness no one carries off duty or that would be another one (they are only issued weapons while on duty and they never come home :) ... i think it has probably only just started for you and me...

  4. Oh My Gosh... this is only the beginning. The Under Sheriff told my Hubby that with this job you can really over accessorize. I have found that to be absolutely true.

    So far Hubby has bought a new duty gun (he didn't like the one they gave him), a new badge holder, a concealed weapon holster for off duty, gloves, gloves, did I mention gloves? Seriously how many pairs of gloves does one officer need?! He makes fun of me because I have a passion for purses... PLEASE! Most of my purses cost less than his stupid gloves ;)

    He now wants a different shot gun. His parents bought him a tactical bag for his car and then filled it with some fun stuff. Thank God for that! We've spent well over $3000 so far on his new career. But the way I look at it, I want him to come home every night. I want him to be comfortable and SAFE. If having these things make him feel safer and more comfy, then so be it! I still have some furniture left that I can sell to help pay for some of this stuff ;)

    As for the gun issue. We never had guns in the house... Hubby isn't even a hunter. Now when we talk I find that we are talking about what weapon he needs to TAKE A GUY DOWN. Yep, we talk about what weapon it will take to actually kill the bad guy that is shooting at him. I NEVER thought we would be having these conversations. This change has definitely been an eye opener, but Hubby is SO HAPPY. He actually LOVES to go to work and that is really all that matters to me. So I'll live with the guns and probably learn to shoot a hand gun. (After all we live in the mountains and there are BEARS here. And I LOVE to go hiking. I'm thinking a hand gun wouldn't be a bad idea...)