Thursday, August 5, 2010

Phase 2 almost done

CC is 3 nights away from being done with Phase 2 of FTO!  YEAH!  He has really enjoyed the night shift and has met some interesting people in the wee hours of the night!  He also finally got his first DWI arrest last night, and he was pretty excited.  But I also think this will bring on his first court appearance. (he felt that the guy would try to fight it)

I have come to understand nights a little more, and have changed my feelings a little bit from before.  I have a better understanding of their purpose and how they plan to keep people safe.  I may be a little inconvenienced (if I were to ever be stopped) but it's one of the ways they are getting the bad people off the streets!  So, I'm a little better with it.

Other news, CC officially has an off-duty weapon!  He has his duty weapon, but you see, CC is a skinny man!  He was having a hard time concealing it comfortably, so he's been on the lookout for a new gun.  I think he likes what he ended up with.  And he's already bought a new holster and more ammo for this gun (since it's a 9MM and his duty weapon is a .40 caliber)  My dad was generous enough to trade in an old antique gun and buy CC a new gun.  I think he's excited about it!  I'm sure we'll be going back to the range soon so he can get used to it more! 

Speaking of the range, I think you guys would be so proud!  If you remember, I've had issues with guns.  I don't like them, I never have, you know.  I went to the range about a month ago to learn how to use these things since we would have them in the house.  It wasn't as bad as I thought, but I didn't love it!  This past weekend I had an opportunity to go to the range with my dad's friend up in Arkansas who collects guns.  He was going to bring a lot of guns to show CC and to test them out.  I figured I would go since CC didn't know this guy very well, and it might be interesting (fun)!  Turns out, my dad's friend had lots of smaller guns (.380 and 9MM) which were much easier to shoot than CC's Glock!  I think I tried out 5 different guns!  I even got to the point where I shot one more than once because I liked it the best!  Now, don't get me wrong, I don't think I'll be buying myself a gun anytime soon!  But I do have to say that I am definitely more comfortable with them, and now I need to work on my shot! (Aren't you proud?!)

CC goes on 2nd shift next week.  Which is our dreaded shift during the school year.  (2 pm-10 pm)  We had really hoped that we would get this shift out of the way during the summer, which would have been nice.  But, once I get back to school (in a week and a half...) we will only get to see each other in bed.  Luckily his days off are during the week so we'll get to see each other then, but it's just not the ideal shift for us.  I'll do my best to adjust!  It's only going to be 4 weeks!  (Hopefully!)


  1. Sweetie- I hope it is only 4 weeks. Most Rookies end up on that shift. I hope everything works out for you both. Both of you be safe and stay safe.

  2. Good luck with that shift. Ours is 4pm to 2am, but dreaded nonetheless. On the other hand, I get a lot more done with hubby at work in the evenings. And where we live, he comes home for dinner, don't know if you can swing that. We start days (after 3 months of nights) this weekend, so excited. Though he'll be bored in 3 days. Agree with TG, hopefully you have some choice in rotation (we get some, just tell the captain he prefers days or nights).