Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Captain America

We all have interesting co-workers.  But for some reason, it seems like CC's are a little out of the ordinary.  One of the newer officers, we'll call him Captain America, has definitely fit this profile. 

CC was hired on and had to wait for Academy for 6 months while 4 officers went ahead of him.  Captain America was one of these.  Somehow, during the hiring process, the uppers at the time thought that he was a better specimen than CC.  Now, other officers ask CC why he didn't get to go with them, or ahead of them. 

Here's a good case why they ask these things.  I think Captain America is set out to not only pull people over for the most obscure reason, but to cite these people for these reasons.

Citation #1 - Littering (throwing gum out the window - i don't have a problem with stopping her for this, maybe, but writing a citation for it?)
Citation #2 - Not displaying proper plates (the lady had them with her, just hadn't put them on, and he gave her a ticket for this)
Citation #3 - Unauthorized use of horn (seriously?)
Citation #4 - Not signaling 100 ft in front of turn (once again, I don't mind stopping for this, but actually giving a citation?)
Citation #5 - Not really a citation, but he knew a guy that was on campus playing soccer had warrants out for his arrest (for Class C Misdemeanors) so he waited in the parking lot for 3 hours until the guy got in his car to leave and pulled him over and arrested him.  (Seriously, just sat there waiting.)

It seems like a little discretion needs to be taught to this guy.


  1. Personally, I think anytime some sh*tbird gets busted on a warrant, it's a good thing. I'm glad C.A. waited. POS's think they can evade warrants - HA!!!!!

    And the rest... well, yeah, warnings are nice but a law is a law is a law. On one of our ridealongs the sweet lady who had her tags but hadn't put them on yet was warned two days prior for the same thing. Husband cited her and I sat in the car snickering. She deserves it... what puts HER above the law?

    'course, I'm old and jaded. ;) just ignore me!