Sunday, August 22, 2010


I have just been wondering a little about how many women actually carry their own gun.  Maybe not carry it, but have a gun specific to you that you would use in case of emergency. 

CC has been taking both of his guns to work with him (he can't carry a back up weapon at his department) and I've been a little irked by that because I'm here by myself a lot and I wouldn't have anything to defend myself with if I had to!  I thought that's what all this gun shooting stuff was about!


  1. LOL I am not even sure I know where all the guns are in the house. I just don't really care. T-rex says there is a gun near the bed if I need one. it's not that I am against guns or anything, I even like em. I just don't like to shoot. It hurts my arm, or my ears. I would just rather not shoot. I am sure I am good enough if I need to be.

    I do have an old .22 rifle if I ever need it. But gosh I have no clue where it is!

    I think you should get your own gun, one that is YOURS. keep it where you know where it is. It is important I think to be able to keep yourself safe.

  2. My husband's off duty weapon does not go to work with him. But I know where it is in case of an emergency. We also have the shotgun & rifle and their ammunition, but they have a gun lock and if I ever needed them I don't think getting to the key would be feasible, haven't pointed that out to dear husband. My concern is when we have small children how do you keep the gun accessible for safety but inaccessible for curious fingers attached to brains to young to learn gun safety.

  3. Husband takes both duty and backup with him. Me? Um, I think he's planning on me being enough of a b*tch to take anybody out that way ;)

    Seriously though, he knows that if something happens, I'm out the window and walking away... if they can get past the dog without waking her, they deserve to kill me in my sleep. Otherwise, I'm outta here and throwing ole four-footed sweetie to the wolves. They probably won't hurt her since she'll be licking them to death.

    That said, we no longer have kids at home, so it's a different ballgame.

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