Thursday, July 8, 2010

FTO Phase 1 - Complete!

Can you believe that CC has been back from Academy for 4 weeks?! It blows my mind how fast the time has been flying by!

I have enjoyed having him home and on a somewhat normal schedule. For phase 2, he goes to deep nights. It will be a little weird, but with my schedule being NOTHING, then hopefully I can adjust with him as much as possible. I don't have a problem sleeping when it's daylight outside, but I might have a problem staying up all night while he's gone! I'm planning on going to help out a friend that had a baby recently and is going back to work, so I may stay over there at night to do feedings for them a couple of times. We'll see.

Where CC works, a lot hasn't been going on during the day shift. I think in 4 weeks, he's written a total of 3 reports! He has not been observed in physical force. He has been somewhat bored. Earlier this week he had a much more interesting day, but he came back a little upset.

He gunned a guy speeding down the street. CC pulled out behind him and saw him throw a metal object out of the window (turns out to be a beer can - granted it's 9 am). After he pulls him over, he gets to the vehicle and it smells like alcohol. The guy admits to drinking and driving. CC takes him out to do some SFSTs and he passes one (the most reliable), but completely bombs 2 of the others. Falling over, can't function bombs the others. So, CC starts to let him know that he's under arrest. His FTO steps in at this point and says hang on, let's talk about this. After they discussed it, his FTO convinced CC that he should just give him a ticket. So CC did. Well, several tickets. He was a little upset, because he honestly believed that this guy was drunk. His FTO watched the videos with him, and just simply explained that he wouldn't have been wrong to arrest him, but he passed the most reliable test.

Later that night, there was a fatality car accident near his department. His first comment was, "I hope it wasn't that guy I should have arrested." Of course it wasn't, but I know CC still agrees that the man should have gone to jail. Oh well. But, I guess this just shows that he's in training. He's not going to make the decisions on his own yet, and he'll learn what needs to happen in the future.

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