Sunday, March 21, 2010


CC is halfway through Academy. Well, almost. 12 weeks left (halfway would be the end of 11, but the 11th week starts this week, so it feels better to say it's already over.)

I have been doing fine so far. Like I always say, it's not ideal, but we're dealing.

For some reason, him being gone is starting to get to me. I miss having him here. I miss just laying on the couch during the week watching our shows together. I miss having dinner at the table with him. I miss getting to snuggle with him in bed. And when he does get home, most of the time he wants to just chill. I have to do so much on my own during the week, that when he's here, I don't want to do anything by myself, and that's not always what he has in mind.

But, I also have to realize that when he gets back, that doesn't necessarily mean that I'll have all of those things again. This is kind of something I can wish for, but who knows what shift he'll have. I just have to pray that God takes care of us and continues to help me not be "needy."

On top of that, CC's agency gave him a credit card to put his expenses on. They originally told him to just make sure that he got receipts and that they were travel related. He gets to his agency this weekend to turn in some receipts, and he finds a note in his box. This note lets him know that they will only pay for gas for one trip there, and one trip back. They also are expecting him to repay the account for the previous gas purchases. So, if we add this up, this is approximately $40 per one way trip. 2 times a week = $80. 10 weeks= $800 that is going to have to be repaid, as well as the other 12 weeks that are going to have to be taken in order for him to come back each weekend. So, needless to say, this sucks. The deal is that he is given a certain living amount to be there. He's been living very cheaply on food so that the majority of the money could be sent on his trips there and back. Now, if they won't let him spend it on gas, he's decided he will probably be going out to eat for every meal. It just doesn't make sense. He originally said he was going to ask the chief about it, but then again he didn't want to make a bad impression. He's going to spend the money he's given, just now it will be on expensive food instead of getting to come home. Either way, this is no fun. This also means that he might not be home every weekend. Agh.

Anybody want to contribute to the gas fund?! (just kidding....sort of :)

"When I pray, you answer me; you encourage me by giving me the strength I need." Psalm 138:3


  1. Aw, I'm so sorry to hear about that. I think that that's absolutely ridiculous and it hardly seems fair that they didn't tell you about this in the beginning! Hang in there. God will carry you through. I just know it!

  2. I know this can be a hard time but God will see you through this. My husband was gone 2 yrs ago to FBI National academy, and it was the same length of time. So I do understand what you are going through. Sending prayers your way!

  3. I can completely get what you are saying! It is so hard, but you'll get through this just fine. And like you said, you're half way there!! Keep busy the best you can to keep your mind off of things. :)

  4. Well... to make you feel better... at least your hubby is hired. We paid to put my DH through an Academy and hardly anyone has been hired yet. So, it could be worse! Find the silver lining, even though it can be hard!

  5. I totally understand where you are coming from. My hubby JUST graduated from the academy last weekend. It was a tough 3 months for me and my two kids (we only had to endure 12 weeks... I REALLY feel for you having to go through 21 weeks!). We were incredibly lucky in that his department paid for the schooling, paid him a full salary while he was in school and had him use his patrol car to drive the 2 hour drive every Friday night so he could be home with us on the weekends. (They paid the gas.)

    {{HUGS}} to you during this difficult time!!