Monday, August 10, 2009

Free Time Solution

So in my last post, I expressed how I was having trouble filling my free time without focusing on CC being gone. Ironically, my mom came in town last week (which was wonderful!) and she actually brought her old sewing machine that she was waiting a long time to give me! So, I am in the process of learning to sew and make different things. I'm just a beginner, so it takes quite a bit of time (and usually many times) to get it correct, and perfect (as I seem to be one that likes everything to be perfect..). So, I think this will help out with some of my time issues! Oh how fun! Does anyone else sew??? Any easy patterns??

CC hasn't really had any change at work, just the same ol' stuff going on. Nothing really exciting has been going on either. I think most of all, he's really learning how to use the radio, which supposedly some people have trouble with! He just ordered the TX Penal code, which he has been studying already. There is hope of a shift change in the future, with other guards being hired, but nothing this week (at least right now!) This is my last week of summer, so maybe, miraculously, his shift will change when I go back! We have figured out a little plan though in order to manipulate some time together. I have almost an hour and a half for my planning and lunch period before noon, so a couple days a week, CC might come up during that time to enjoy lunch together, and then he can go work out at the gym in the mean time before his shift starts! Hopefully that will be a little bit of time that we can enjoy together!

I do love the post from copswife at Married to the Law on fear and reality. I can relate a lot, but I also think I covered this in my very first post. I know God has a plan for CC's career change, I just need some help dealing sometimes!!


  1. Well! Thanks for the linky love!

    I need to get a better sewing machine. I'm never going to be a big project seamstress (that doesn't look right but I checked) but I do like to do small projects, like curtins, ect.

    Good for you for thinking of things to keep yourself busy. It took me a long time to understand the need for that.

  2. Goodness. That's a hard one. Even if I didn't have kids it is still hard to figure out.

    Before kids? Going out with friends, hitting a dollar movie, getting dinner, picking up hobbies like photography, reading, music, home projects?

    Now my free time is when the kids are in bed and HF is already at work. I have girls over since I can't leave, I watch girlie movies or WWII movies since HF can't stand them, reading, cleaning, cooking, making stuff like crafts, etc. I have really been enjoying my free time because I get to figure out what I am interested in and get to do it!

    Let us know what sort of hobbies you pick up and other things you start doing with your free time.

  3. GIrl when ya do learn how to sew...P.S. I can't Sew... I have a quilt that is bustin at the COuld use ur help after you :) Hope all is well with you and HF...HOw are things a going???