Friday, January 1, 2010


CC leaves for Police Academy in 9 days.

I never thought it would get here. He is so excited! When he got hired in June, his agency sent 4 cadets to Academy right away, and CC was in the batch that had to wait until January. The 4 are back and now he is working with them. I think it's made him want to go even more now that they are back.

Either way, Academy is going to be about 4 hours away from where we live. This means we will be doing the long distance thing during the week. He is going to try to come home on the weekends, and I'm sure I may try to go to him a few times as well. This will happen for 5 months. My entire Spring school semester. It's hard to imagine how long that really is. I can't believe he is going to be gone the entire time I'm in school! I'm sure I will be plenty busy though.

But that brings me to my question. What types of things should I expect while CC is at Academy? What are some things that I can do to help him? It's going to be hard enough just adjusting to us being apart most of the time, on top of that, I have to adjust to him learning and studying. I want to be as supportive as possible.

Also, I loved Mrs. Fuzz's post on how being a cop has changed her husband. There have been lots of great comments posted there. It's very interesting to see what types of things happen to our men!


  1. You can definitely expect him to be worn out and exhausted much of the time and maybe even withdrawn from you. My husband struggled with one particular area (The police marching drills) and it really bothered him... A LOT. I guess the drill sergeants were down his throats about and when he got home, he did NOT want to talk about it. As newlyweds at the time, it was really hard to not take that personally.

    Things that you can do for him would obviously be prayer. He's going to need LOTS of prayer support! Also, just your presence in his life is awesome and being there to listen when he wants to talk and not to pry when he doesn't is key!

    Good luck to you guys! I'm not gonna lie... It's tough, but it will be over before you know it! You will get through:-)

    Hope this helps you!!

  2. Your scenario is EXACTLY what I went through with my husband (well, almost). He was SO good at coming home every single weekend, making 20 4-hour drives total by the end of his academy. That he was willing to do that gave me a lot of encouragement and helped me to be excited for his training rather than resenting the time it took him away from me.

    I wasn't in school though, had a toddler and was in my 2nd trimester with our second child, so that was hard. He also went RIGHT when he was hired, so I didn't feel comfortable asking for help from his department even though they offered it like shoveling the snow from our driveway.

    Since he's been hired for a few months now and hopefully you've been able to get to know some others, take full advantage of their help while the hubby is away. It will relieve him that you're being taken care of and help him focus better in the academy.

    The only big change I noticed in him during his academy training was in how fit and frisky he got every weekend. It was SO fun, even if I felt a little bit more like a whale each time he got home as my pregnancy furthered.

    It was hard but worth it. It made the days we got to see him that much better while we always called each other each night before going to bed to let the other know we were thinking about him/her. Good luck and keep us informed!

  3.'s been almost two weeks. how are you doing?!?! Hanging in there??