Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fire Issues??

This past weekend (CC's first weekend working graveyards) a little "ruffling of the feathers" occurred between the fire department and the police department CC works for. He said there was obvious tension between the two and some words were exchanged that supported that assumption as well. I also saw on another blog (A Police Wife) Mrs. Fuzz posted a little toy that had the firemen and policemen combo. As I read through the comments, I noticed that one police officer said, "Sorry, we have a strictly "no fireman stuff" rule in our home, so the first one is out. "

Being new at all of this, I never would have guessed the 2 didn't like each other. What's the story on this?? It makes no sense to me....really....


  1. Both agencies think their job is the most important one, and neither one is very good at taking orders from another.
    As the daughter of a firefighter and the wife of a police officer, I can attest that this goes both ways. I am also an EMT (volunteer), so I have a lot of fire fighter friends. My husband does not necessarily equate them with being on "his level." His main problem is that they are "jumpy" when on a scene because of the adrenaline rush they get when they are called out. He, on the other hand, is always called out and therefore is immune (his explanation, not mine!).
    I really think it goes both ways, because there are several firefighters I know who don't think highly of cops.

  2. Ordinary life explained it great. I'll just add: Have you seen the T-shirts? God made policemen so firemen would have heroes! There's also, God made firemen so policemen would have heroes.

    It's a competition thing and silly, as far as I am concerned.

  3. I had no idea either, but so far the blogging firefighters and the blogging cops are quite friendly with one another. There's a lot of teasing, but I have never understood why. There's a little bit of an explanation on Warrior Poets blog a few days ago. He mentioned something about a run in with a fireman.

    Thanks for the explanation Ordinary Life! And those t-shirts are pretty funny even if the whole thing is silly.

  4. I agree that I don't get the whole fireman/policeman thing.

    I do have to say that it is very frustrating to me because everwhere you look there is fireman stuff, but you don't see a lot of policeman toys, clothes, etc.

    Josh and I are really good friends with one of the firemen who works here in Clt. We love him, but when Josh is at work I don't really know if he is friendly with any other firemen.

  5. I'll admit to not being a huge fan of firefighters because of jealousy. Yes, the green monster.

    I get jealous because EVVVVERYBODY loves firefighters and are always saying wonderful things about them. I feel like MY husband (and his fellow LEOs) are heros as well (if not more) and yet people seem to almost universally dislike them. So for me it's kind of like being in high school and not being a fan of the quarterback because the defensive line is just as important, but without the "glory".

    Just my two cents.

  6. I'm not crazy about firefighters either.
    Besides that there's the general feeling that "Uh-oh, watch out, it's the police" vs. "yea!" the "hero" firefighers, I find it super irritating that firefighers ride on the salary raises of police even though they sleep/make big dinners during shift while our guys are out dealing with bad guys and other annoying crap all-shift-long!
    Does the smiley face make me sound less bitter? Really, generally I'm not. I'm just a very proud and fiercely loyal police wife.

  7. I wholeheartedly agree with Meadowlark and Jayne! I don't hate firefighters but I get so sick of all the negativity towards police officers while firefighters can do no wrong.

  8. DH made some off-hand comment about how Firefighters just sit around all day waiting for a call, whereas officers are always on duty. I got the sense then and there that the Police Academy guys have a thing against Firefighters. :)

    Oddly enough, there was also some animosity towards Highway Patrol officers versus Police.

    The Academy guys went through hell together and they're bonded pretty tightly. I think it's just all the testoterone... they are fiercely loyal to one another and they are committed to being officers... and nothing else compares in their minds.

  9. Nice blog.

    Where I worked as an officer (before I was hired), firefighters had gone on strike and the mayor ordered police officers be paid OT to cover the fire halls. This damaged the police-fire relationship for a decade--though the officers who acted as firefighters reportedly had way too much fun in the role; kind of like 5th graders at recess.