Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Cop's Wife - My Viewpoint on the whole Thing

(I have taken this post from my personal blog and amended it for this site!)

So, the day has come! CC (Christian Cop) accepted a job as a Police Cadet. We are unsure what the first 6 months hold, just because not a lot of details have been given. The size of the force is very small (about 15 officers) and they are looking to make the force much bigger (which is why they hired CC) but they don't have the manpower to do it all at once. So, they are sending a group (4 people) to Academy in July, and then the next group will go in January. CC will be a part of this group in January. So from now until January, he'll be doing who knows what. We are both so excited for this door to open and get started in a new career stage! CC seems truly passionate about this type of work, so I think he will thrive.

But that brings me to the reason for my post. Almost everyone that I have talked to about CC being a police officer, they ask me how I feel about that. First of all, yes, I was terrified and couldn't imagine him to be a cop and how scary that might be, but I'm over that. I said a little prayer to that wonderful Man upstairs and He definitely put my anxieties to the side so that CC could pursue what he truly felt was his calling. I am to help him, not hinder. So for me to be a little scared and a little anxious about it all isn't helping my husband's new career. It could possibly get in the way. So, I feel that I have put on a very strong support for him and am so excited about what he is about to do. I know God has a plan. If this is God's plan, then I will be okay. I will be calm, I will be supportive, and I will not be the reason why my husband is not successful. CC will be successful, and our marriage will be successful because we have God in the center of our lives. I believe that this job will increase my prayer life and my quiet time because I will need the assurance from God's word that everything will be okay! God has a plan. Period.


  1. Very true about God's plan! You have the right attitude from the beginning, and that's what matters most.

    I'm also a teacher; secondary English and history but I'm a stay-at-home-mom right now with my little ones (3 and 1).

    Thanks for your comment on my post. It'll be fun to keep updated with you!

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  3. hey, i am a Christian cops wife in Australia. My husband has just started in the academy after more than a year of tests, Assesments and trials. I got all the same questions, also lots about how cops become well, bitter, cynical, intorverted alcoholics after a few years. i happen to know a few who have been in the force-1 more than 30 years and they are far from any of that. I think it is all about their character and attitude- regardless of their profession. i know my husband is a gentle, encouraging, godly man who will never become a baton happy, disgruntled drunk like every seems to keep telling me. He doesnt even drink... we pastor the youth in our church so a few years ago he decided it was better to avoid it entirely.
    Anyway, sorry for ranting, i think you are right to trust cc will be great in the job.Personally i am looking forward to my husband enjoying his job, having payed holidays (he was previously self employed) 4 days off a week not to mention the uniform ;) i never understood the allure of a man in uniform until mine was in one. now i get it!
    I think it is a great job for a well balanced person.
    Look forward to following your journey too

  4. I will be marrying a wanna-be cop within a couple years. Your blog is so encouraging to me. Yes, I am scared that my man might die in line of duty, but I know that God has a plan and this is what my man is called to do. How are you able to cope with the worry that comes along with his job?